PKG -- User Interface Solutions

We are an industry-leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of advanced, innovative user interface systems, primarily in the medical, industrial, avionics, and instrumentation industries. ISO-certified, PKG utilizes innovations in technology and collaboration among industry experts, while offering an unmatched, high-touch customer experience, to deliver competitive solutions for a vast array of customized user interface needs.

As a single-source solutions provider, our full engineering services range from concept development to technology selection, from electro-mechanical engineering to reliability testing, and from firmware development to software applications. From membrane switches to full-travel keyboards, from touchscreens to trackballs, from displays to pointing devices, and from silicone keypad to cables, we’re fully equipped to meet your needs and integrate multiple technologies into a cohesive system—optimizing cost and quality all the while.

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Get the most out of your products throughout all stages of their lifecycle:

  • Conception
  • Development
  • Useful life
  • Transition

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