PKG Complete Care

PKG offers much more than innovative products. We offer a partnership. With us, you get PKG Complete Care: a dedicated team of experts, focused solely on your needs, providing personalized service and support to ensure you get the most out of our products throughout their lifecycle. We’re there for every stage, and for everything that occurs in between:


When you come to PKG for your product needs, you get a well-rounded team of experts ready to go full-force ahead—even before our relationship has been made “official.” We’re perfectly willing to do the preliminary, yet necessary, groundwork, research, and discovery that it takes to bring an optimal solution to your needs to the table. It’s during this information-gathering phase that ideas begin to form and we can begin making technology recommendations, so you are fully equipped to make the right choice in a partner.


A lot happens during this crucial stage. To make it all come together seamlessly, a project manager is immediately assigned to your project, as is a development team with expertise in your industry. You can look to your project manager to fill many roles, from troubleshooter to communication facilitator to trusted advisor.

Useful Life

The product launch is only the beginning. PKG remains your partner throughout the life of the product, continuously analyzing and reviewing the product, sustaining production, and providing ongoing quality improvements, cost efficiencies, and onsite reviews. PKG will know your product inside and out and how it performs in its environment.


When a product reaches its end of life, PKG remains to support you. Your dedicated PKG team will help ensure a smooth phase-out of the product during this milestone period. You can also expect us to help you transition to new technologies and provide research and development plans for potential upcoming product replacements, renewals, or “re-births.”