The Basics

Founded in 1989 with only three employees, PKG began its success with the design and manufacture of full-travel keyboards and other custom user interfaces. By the early 1990's, PKG shifted its focus to manufacturing membrane switches and user interface sub-assemblies. With a strong engineering team and persistent emphasis on R&D, PKG grew rapidly in the user interface industry. 

Now, located near Boise, Idaho - a known hotbed for leading-edge technology companies - in a state of the art facility, PKG partners with a variety of companies to provide high-end user interface solutions for Medical, Industrial, Government, and Aerospace industries.

Enriching the Lives of Those We Touch
— PKG Vision

Quick Facts About PKG

  • Founded in 1989 in Boise, ID
  • Privately Owned and Operated
  • Industries Served: Medical, Industrial, Aerospace, Defense
  • Employees: 70

Our Mission

To create exceptional Human Machine Interface solutions with relentless focus on customer success by transcending the challenges of the unknown, strategically growing our knowledge base, and mastering operations for the overall enterprise.